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Truck Wheel Balancers

Truck Wheel Balancer

Truck wheel balancers, also known as truck tyre balancers, are used to equalise the weight of the tyres of a truck so that it can drive smoothly, especially at high speed.

Tyres typically have some imbalance, especially after one has driven on a rough road or when there is a slight deviation in alignment in the wheels as this can cause more wear on one side of the truck. 

When driving at high speed, a slight wheel imbalance can lead to catastrophic damage. Wheel imbalance leads to vibrations in the truck, damage to the tyres, and higher-than-normal consumption of fuel. 

Truck Wheel Balancer for Sale

Wheel balancers ensure the wheels and tyres of a truck are the same weight, ensuring smooth and efficient driving of vehicles. 

We are Corghi Australia, a dealer of world-class truck and car wheel balancers, aligners, and other mechanical equipment. Our wheel balancers are manufactured from European-based designs and are of the best quality, suitable for professional mechanic workshops.

Get World-Class Wheel Balancers in Australia With Corghi

We only manufacture the best quality truck wheel balancers. They are easy to use and come with manuals that help users get acquainted with the machine. We also have a team of engineers who are skilled at building wheel balancers for any brand of truck or heavy vehicle you have. 

Contact us today if you reside in Australia and want the best truck wheel balancers money can buy.