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Automatic Heavy Tyre Changers

Heavy-duty tyre changers 

Our automatic heavy-duty tyre changers help heavy-duty vehicle mechanics and technicians dismount and mount tyres with ease. Tyre changers easily help to remove tyres from wheel rims and have all the components required to replace them on the wheel.

Here are a few reasons for why you might want a heavy-duty tyre changer in your workshop:

  • It saves you time. Tyre changers greatly reduce the amount of time you would have spent changing your tyre manually.
  • It saves you money and this can only be appreciated in the long run. Buying a tyre changer is a long-term investment that will yield results for as long as you have it.
  • Tyre changers without a doubt save you the stress of having to change tyres manually. Hence, it saves you lots of energy.

We Are Trusted Suppliers of the Best Quality Heavy-Duty Tyre Changer Machines

We are Corghi Australia, manufacturers of different types of premium heavy-duty tyre changers and other mechanical equipment in Australia. We have 60 years of experience and our workshop manufactures world-class tyre changers that are based on European designs.

The heavy-duty tyre changers we manufacture get your customer’s tyres changed fast and efficiently. We supply to large companies and workshops, small workshops, and home-garage mechanics. 

Our heavy-duty tyre changers are both automatic and semi-automatic. Every heavy-duty tyre changer we manufacture has the tools to meet the demands of our clients. We listen and pay attention to the requests of our clients and provide them with what is just right for their heavy-duty model and pockets.

Corghi Australia is here to serve you with the best tyre changer machines you can find. Contact us today.