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heavy duty tyre changer
30 Aug
Corghi is excited to announce the launch of their latest Heavy Duty Tyre Changer, the HD500. Renowned the world over for innovation, quality, and precision Corghi has recently increased its focus on the heady duty market as the segment continues to grow quickly. Their latest ...
19 Apr
CORGHI Plays Integral Role in P ZERO WORLD Success When it comes to passion and performance there is little doubt that Italian’s have both in equal measures, and nothing highlights this more that the recent launch of the first Pirelli ‘P Zero World’ in the Southern ...
25 Jul
UNIFORMITY - The World’s First Diagnostic Tyre Changer Continuing their commitment to innovation, the CORGHI Uniformity is revolutionizing Tyre Changer Technology. The Uniformity is the world’s first ‘Diagnostic Tyre Changer’ and is breaking new ground in both safety ...