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Wheel Aligners

Blog posts

what are the types of wheel alignment
18 Jul
Whether you are an already established auto repair shop or just starting out, it’s vital to get to know the different types of wheel aligners. Different wheel alignment machines are available, and many factors affect which one you should choose, such as budget, space, and their...
what is wheel alignment
10 Jun
Ever wondered what wheel alignment is? Well, in this article, we are going to delve into this question and settle the matter once and for all.  For example, you may find it hard to make bends and turns or the wheels of the car start to pull to one side. Sometimes you don't ...
car alignment equipment australia
28 Jul
As you may already know CORGHI manufactures, supports and maintains the best range of car alignment tools in Australia. Our brand new Exact Linear Plus car wheel alignment tool is the perfect combination of the newest technology, and high quality materials with an affordable ...
wheel alignment machine comparison
29 Jan
CORGHI Australia manufactures, supports and maintains the wheel alignment machine range and wheel alignment equipment in the country.  When you purchase a wheel alignment machine, you must take into consideration the quality, reliability and longevity of the device so you can...
no contact technology corghi
16 Mar
Fast, accurate and efficient innovation At CORGHI, we are driven by passion and innovation. We are proud of being the leaders in innovations and are devoted to continuously making tasks quicker and easier for workers throughout our industry. In the past decade, CORGHI has ...