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Truck, Bus & Agricultural Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers

Truck Tyre Changers, Wheel Aligners, and Wheel Balancers

If you’re looking to get tyre changers, wheel aligners, or wheel balancers for buses, trucks, and agricultural vehicles in Australia, then you’re at the right place. CORGHI Australia has got you covered for all your heavy vehicle service equipment needs. 

We are leading manufacturers of quality and innovative heavy-duty automotive workshop equipment for buses, trucks, and agricultural vehicles. Contact us for your heavy-duty automotive workshop equipment needs, and rest assured knowing you’re only getting the best. 

Browse through our wide variety of products to find the perfect heavy-duty auto machinery you need for your workshop.

Truck Tyre Changers

Truck tyre changers are a vital item in any automotive workshop, large or small. Whether you own a small local independent workshop, tyre shop, car dealership, national chain tyre stores, or you are part of a large automotive group, you need reliable truck tyre changer machines to provide a fast, safe and efficient service to your customers. This is where our CORGHI truck tyre changers come in.

CORGHI manufactures a comprehensive range of truck tyre changers. We even have a mobile truck tyre-changer solution for companies who provide mobile tyre-changing services.

We have multiple assortments of truck tyre changers that you can choose from. Our truck tyre changers are fast, efficient and safe.

We are the largest manufacturers of truck tyre changers and other workshop equipment. If you’re looking to buy new truck tyre-changing equipment and you want reliability, an extensive range, local factory support and reputation, then choose CORGHI. Our CORGHI truck tyre changer machines provide these and so much more. 

We have both automatic and semi-automatic truck tyre changers. If you need a tyre changer for earth-moving vehicles, agricultural tractors, trucks, tractor units and trailers, city buses, coaches and commercial vehicles, then we are your best bet. 

Truck Wheel Alignment Machine

If you need a quality truck wheel alignment machine, then we, at CORGHI Australia are your best choice. We are the ones people think of when it comes to world-class truck wheel alignment machines. 

We manufacture truck wheel alignment machines that are affordable and meet your needs. At CORGHI, we offer a wide range of truck wheel aligners for workshops. 

The truck wheel alignment machines we sell come with camera technology. They are guaranteed to provide you with satisfactory alignment results. 

We also make wheel alignment systems for cars, light commercial and agricultural vehicles, and buses. The units are complete with a cabinet, computer control system, sensors and all other accessories required for alignment operations.

With a wide understanding of the technical know-how of wheel aligners, our team of experts gives advice on preferred truck wheel aligners suitable for different brands of trucks. 

Our sales services are to both small and large workshops, auto repair companies, and home mechanics. We have long-lasting truck wheel aligners to suit every vehicle. 

Truck Wheel Balancers

Our truck wheel balancers ensure your client’s truck wheels and tyres are of the same weight. When wheels are balanced, it leads to having a smooth and easy ride in your vehicle. 

We have electronic and high-performance truck wheel balancers that come in different elegant designs and unique features. Apart from the state-of-the-art designs, our truck wheel balancers are reliable when it comes to balancing tires reliably. 

At CORGHI Australia, we only manufacture quality truck wheel balancers for heavy-duty companies, and we have been known to deliver only the best quality over the years. Our heavy-duty truck wheel balancers are easy to use and come with manuals that will help you get acquainted with the machine.